Preparation of seeds for oil press

After learning how to use an oil press, it is very important for you to know how to prepare the seeds for oil pressing. Seed oil press will only be successful if you prepare the seeds well in order for you to finally, have your vegetable oil. The process of cleaning seeds actually varies depending on the type of seeds you are using. Generally, there are only two steps involved in cleaning of seeds and you will find them to be quite simple once you learn how to do it.

Preparation of seeds for oil press

First, take off the hulls or seed coats from the seed. The hulls should not be thrown away because the hull of some seeds could be very useful. Take for instance the hulls for sunflower and soy are used as an additive to animal feed. Secondly, separate the seeds from chaff. Several methods are used for this process. The two steps can be carried out using some devices and there is a wide range of technologies for the above.


Seeds to be used in seed oil press process need to meet certain conditions. The most important thing that is compulsory is for the seeds to be thoroughly clean. This is because the process of getting oil from the seeds uses machines, which are prone to damage in case they come into contact with dirt. Some people think that it is only stones and large particles of dirt that can damage the machines but any type of dirt or sediment can cause damage to.


Besides, the seeds should be separated from chaff totally, so that the process of oil absorption goes on smoothly. The seeds to be used must be dry to prevent the machinery from clogging. Besides, use of moist seeds will lead to decrease in yields of oil. The seeds used have to be warm if you want to get the right amount of oil from them. The actual temperatures required should be between 100 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is possible to achieve this temperature using various means. You can use an oven, double boiler, or solar collector to warm small amount of seeds. On the other hand, for large amounts of seeds, use a heated hopper. It is important to note that all of the above conditions must be met in order for you to get the right yield of oil for a given amount of seeds.


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