Palm Kernel Oil Press

Palm kernel oil press is very important in getting good oil. It produces high quantity and great quality oil in a very simple process. The design is simple but capable of working and generating pure and natural palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil press is designed with a feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber, screw channel and a machine stand thus ensuring a fully operational expeller. The palm kernel seeds are pushed into the screw channel where they are crushed under high pressure to produce the oil. The pure oil passes through small holes and the residue is left behind. The area where the oil is separated from the residue is the pressing worm and the pressing ring.
Palm kernel oil press
Palm kernel oil press can be large enough to hold high quantity of palm kernel seeds. The presser used in factories has a steam cooker and oil press for effective output. Here, the steam cooker works by pretreating the palm kernel in preparation for the pressing. Cold pressing is where the whole process takes place under low temperatures of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of oil is purely natural and retains all the nutrients.  It is this quality that ensures that the machine is very important in generating healthy oil for use.

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