Groundnut Oil Processing Plant Machine and Process

Groundnut/Peanut oil has been used as cooking oil for a long history. The modern groundnut oil processing machine developed by ABC Machinery combines the traditional technology and modern technology reasonably. With high oil yield and high production efficiency, it is an advanced oil production equipment for groundnut oil processing plant.

Groundnut Oil Processing Methods

The ancient method of squeezing groundnut oil is very strict on raw materials. Raw material is the basis of groundnut oil. In the ancient method, groundnut is pressed with fresh peanuts, crushed, steamed, Fried, pressed and cold stored. Every process is strictly checked to ensure every detail, but the oil yield is relatively low. Because the utilization rate of raw materials is relatively low, the ancient method of squeezing has gradually put forward the stage of history, modern groundnut oil extraction machine emerged at the historic moment, the groundnut oil extractor provided by ABC Machinery combines the ancient method of pressing technology and modern technology, conforms to the needs of the times, the production of edible oil quality is high, healthy, suitable for people’s living needs.

To make groundnut oil, it is necessary to clean, peel, separate, dry, crush and peel peanut kernels, roll embryos, steam fry, press and filter peanuts. The main process of groundnut oil processing plant is as follows:

groundnut oil processing machines

  • Cleaning: the impurity rate shall not be more than 0.1%.
  • Shell stripping and separation: the kernel content of the shell is not more than 0.5%, and the kernel content of the shell is not more than 1%.
  • Drying: temperature: 95-100, time: 60-90 min, moisture: 4-5%.
  • Crushing: 6-8 petals.
  • Peeling: the peeling rate is 90%.
  • Billet rolling: the thickness is less than 0.5mm.
  • Steam and fry: 5-7% water, 110-115 temperature.
  • Pressing: the primary crushing rate is 76-78%, and the secondary crushing rate is 12-14%.
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