Reasons for Low Oil Output of Small Oil Expeller

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Since the creation of our brand, our factory research and development and production of the oil processing equipment, mainly used in peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cotton seed. Our main products include hemp oil press machine, black cumin seed oil presscastor seed oil machine and . Our equipment sell well all over the world and are well received and trusted by the majority of users. 

What’s the reason for low pressure and low oil output of small oil expeller? Small-sized oil expeller is the most cost-effective oil extraction machine for the self-employees and home user. For new users of screw oil expeller, you are suggested to understand the structure and working principle of the expeller, so as to avoid various malfunctions during the oil manufacturing process. Today, let’s talk about the problem of low pressure and low oil yield when using small oil expeller. (Read about business plan on palm oil production >>)

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In the running process of small seed oil expeller, we should always check the oil cake situation and control the moisture content of the raw materials. Normal oil cake should be flaky, smooth on the side of screw axis, and some lines on the other side.

  • If the cake is loose and weak, the cake is not formed, or if the color is rather deep, which will be broken into pieces when you knead it with your hand, which means there is too little water in your oilseeds materials.
  • If the cake is soft, in big sheet shape, or producing more oil foam, it means too much water in the oilseeds materials.

Under normal circumstances, there is no slag or little slag out between the round discharge, and the slag out at the bar discharge. In addition, the position change of oil extraction from the oil expeller can also tell whether the moisture is appropriate. When the water level is too high or too low, the oil extraction position moves backward.You maybe also interested in wheat germ oil extraction method and grape seed oil extraction process.

After the normal operation of the oil press, most of the oil discharge with high oil content is concentrated in the row and the front round row. The oil output at the bar row takes up about 60% of the total oil output, and the former round row takes up about 30%. And the end of the round row, oil is very little, extracted in drops not in line, and the oil color is very clear.

For most vegetable oil pressing production including rapeseed and soybean, squeezing two or three time is ok. During the oil extraction process, oil residue with high oil content can be mixed evenly with the raw oil seeds and be fed into the seed oil press machine. Feeding should be uniform, otherwise it will affect the life span and oil output of the oil expeller machine.

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