Groundnut Oil Processing Plant Machine and Process

Groundnut/Peanut oil has been used as cooking oil for a long history. The modern groundnut oil processing machine developed by ABC Machinery combines the traditional technology and modern technology reasonably. With high oil yield and high production efficiency, it is an advanced oil production equipment for groundnut oil processing plant.

Groundnut Oil Processing Methods

The ancient method of squeezing groundnut oil is very strict on raw materials. Raw material is the basis of groundnut oil. In the ancient method, groundnut is pressed with fresh peanuts, crushed, steamed, Fried, pressed and cold stored. Every process is strictly checked to ensure every detail, but the oil yield is relatively low. Because the utilization rate of raw materials is relatively low, the ancient method of squeezing has gradually put forward the stage of history, modern groundnut oil extraction machine emerged at the historic moment, the groundnut oil extractor provided by ABC Machinery combines the ancient method of pressing technology and modern technology, conforms to the needs of the times, the production of edible oil quality is high, healthy, suitable for people’s living needs.

To make groundnut oil, it is necessary to clean, peel, separate, dry, crush and peel peanut kernels, roll embryos, steam fry, press and filter peanuts. The main process of groundnut oil processing plant is as follows:

groundnut oil processing machines

  • Cleaning: the impurity rate shall not be more than 0.1%.
  • Shell stripping and separation: the kernel content of the shell is not more than 0.5%, and the kernel content of the shell is not more than 1%.
  • Drying: temperature: 95-100, time: 60-90 min, moisture: 4-5%.
  • Crushing: 6-8 petals.
  • Peeling: the peeling rate is 90%.
  • Billet rolling: the thickness is less than 0.5mm.
  • Steam and fry: 5-7% water, 110-115 temperature.
  • Pressing: the primary crushing rate is 76-78%, and the secondary crushing rate is 12-14%.
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Reasons for Low Oil Output of Small Oil Expeller

ABC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of vegetable oil pressing and edible oil refining plant, with strong technical force, complete manufacturing process, independent research and development capability.

Screw Oil Expeller for Sale

Since the creation of our brand, our factory research and development and production of the oil processing equipment, mainly used in peanut, rapeseed, sesame, soybean, cotton seed. Our main products include hemp oil press machine, black cumin seed oil presscastor seed oil machine and . Our equipment sell well all over the world and are well received and trusted by the majority of users.  Continue reading

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RBD Palm Oil Process

RBD palm oil process means Refined Bleached Deodorised Palm Oil (RBD Palm Oil) process.
palm oil process
In the past three decades the chemical refining process scheme has gradually been superceded by the more cost-effective and more environmentally-friendly Physical refining processing scheme. In physical refining the process of caustic refining is eliminated, and the vacuum deodorization has been replaced by a higher temperature Steam stripping and deodorization processes that enables the Free Fatty Acids and other impurities to be removed without the use of caustic soda. The term in the Physical Refining indicates that chemicals have not be used to remove the fatty acids. Although caustic soda is no longer utilized in Physical refining, the term RBD is still in use to describe the fully-refined palm oil.

The refining process consists of 3 major steps :

Degumming : To condition gums (phosphatides) and oxidative trace metals ( such as copper and iron ) with food grade phosphoric acid, citric acid, EDTA etc, for later removal with the spent earth after the bleaching stage
Bleeching : To remove pigments, oxidation products, residual trace metals and phosphatides, and soaps
Steam refining/deodorization : To remove fatty acids, pigments (e.g. carotenoids)

In order to increase the oxidative stability and improve the nutritional properties of crude palm oil it is necessary to treat the oil by a series of processes, that are collectively known as refining. The first stage of the processing is primarily to remove the gums and pro-oxidative trace metals, and is called the degumming stage. Historically, the next stage of the process involved neutralization of the Free Fatty Acids by caustic soda, to remove them in the form of soaps. This process was known as Caustic Refining (and represents the “R” in “RBD”). The next stage utilized bleaching earth to remove pigments, oxidation products, soaps and traces of gums and heavy metals. This is called the Bleaching stage, and is represented by the “B” in “RBD”.

The final stage being a high-temperature vacuum deodorization mainly to remove residual pigments, and oxidation products etc, which would otherwise adversely affect the flavour, odour and rate at which the oil would turn rancid. T he Deodorization stage represents the “D” in “RBD”. The fully refined oil was then termed Refined, Bleached and Deodorized Oil, or more commonly as RBD palm oil.

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Oil Mill Plant

Oil mill plant is the basis of the entire edible oil industry. It refers to a complete set of equipments and machineries used for the production of oil. At Tinytech Udyog, we manufacture oil mill plants that provide maximum output. Our oil mill plant is most versatile giving solutions to all your oil milling needs.

A typical oil mill plant consists of different sections such as seed preparatory section, seed cleaning section, oil expelling section and oil filtering section. Each section has its own importance and collectively they contribute to make the whole oil mill plant. Our entire range of oil mill machines are technically advanced employing high quality raw materials. They are efficient, reliable, cost-effective and most sturdy.
oil mill plant oil mill plant workshop
Our KMEC oil mill plant is suitable for crushing all sorts of oil seeds such Groundnut, Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Castor seed,  Mustard seed, Soyabean, Sesame seed, Sunflower seed, Copra, Linseed, Palm kernel etc.

Oil mill plants make use of oil pressing technology for the extraction of oil. Oil expellers play a key role to obtain premium quality oil. The oil seed pressing is done in various ways such as pre-pressing, full pressing, hot pressing and hot pressing.

Full Pressing- Oil Mill Plant
The full or single pressing technology is used for the small and medium capacity oil mill plants in which the oil seeds are pressed in one single step. Here the mills work on the principle of mechanical extraction to separate oil from seeds. A maximum yield is obtained from high oil content seeds. The discharged cake has the least oil left behind. The oil residue in the cake is around 4-6% only. Full pressing technology is used for all different oil seeds. In Tinytech full pressing oil mill plant the yield of oil is much higher and of a much better quality.

Pre Pressing- Oil Mill Plant
In pre-pressing technology, the oil seeds are lightly pressed without the application of full pressure. The residual oil content in the pre-pressed cake is about 13%-17%. The pre-pressed cake is then sent to the solvent extraction plant.  We offer pre-pressing machines for the oil mill plant that are fabricated in accordance with global standards. These machines have ease of operation, easy maintenance and low investment.

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Integrated Screw Oil Press

Integrated Screw Oil Press Introduction
Integrated screw oil press is an advanced oil pressing machine nowadays in the market. It is used for processing edible oil from a wide range of oil plants such as peanuts, rapeseed, cotton seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and coconut seeds and so on.

Integrated Screw Oil Press Featuresintegrated screw oil press
This integrated screw oil press is suitable for both cold and hot extrusion. It integrates the whole procedure of heating, expelling and filtering and is capable of controlling the working temperature automatically. Equipped with an electric pipe to heat the pressing case, integrated screw oil press can get the required temperature as soon as possible, which reduces the wear and improves oil output. The vacuum filter is installed to filter oil, which saves oil pressing time and simplifies working procedure.

Integrated Screw Oil Press Advantages
1. A wide range of application. It can press more than 20 kinds of oil plant seeds, such as soybean, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, olive, palm, coconut and flax seed,etc.
2. High oil yield and purer oil. The equipped vacuum filter is used to remove residue to ensure the pure oil quality and meet the standards of health quarantine.
3. Labor and electricity saving. Screw oil press saves 60% labor for equal output, and one or two people are able to operate independently.
4. Covering little space. An area of 10-20m*m workshop is enough, thus it is suitable for small and medium size oil extruding workshops or professional oil mills.

Integrated Screw Oil Press Working Principle
Integrated Screw Oil Press utilizes the screw shaft which is set up with different styles of screws and rotates when the press is running to push the material into chamber. After pressing, the oil is expressed out through the exit and the cake discharged from the cake outlet.

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How can one Make use of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME)?

palmPalm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) means highly polluting waste-water which is usually discarded in disposal ponds, leading to the leaching of contaminants that pollute the groundwater and soil, and in the discharge of methane gas into the atmosphere, is from Palm Oil processing. POME is an oily wastewater generated by palm oil processing mills and contains various suspended components. This liquid waste mixed with the wastes from steriliser condensate and cooling water is called palm oil mill effluent (POME). On average, a standard palm oil mill generate about 1 tonne of liquid waste with biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) 27 kg, chemical oxygen demand (COD) 62 kg, suspended solids (SS) 35 kg and oil and grease 6 kg for each and every ton of FFB (fresh fruit bunches) processed.

You can find very high Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), which is 100 times over the municipal sewage in POME. As no chemical is added during the oil extraction process POME is a non-toxic waste, but because of organic and nutrient contents, it will pose environmental issues due to large oxygen depleting capability in aquatic system. The high organic matter is due to the presence of different sugars for example arabinose, xylose, glucose, galactose and manose. The oil-bearing cellulosic materials from the fruits are the main suspended solids in the POME. Since the POME is non-toxic as no chemical is added in the oil extraction process, it is a good source of nutrients for microorganisms.
palm oil plant
At this point, it is a new approach in managing POME to recover the renewable organic-based product. The technology is aimed to recover by-products for example volatile fatty acid, biogas and poly-hydroxyalkanoates to promote sustainability of the palm oil industry. Furthermore, it is envisaged that POME could be sustainably reused as a fermentation substrate in production of numerous metabolites through biotechnological advances. In addition, POME involves high organic acids and is suitable to be used as a carbon source.

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What Is the Screw Oil Press and What Is It Used For

A screw oil press is a machine used to press various types of seeds including cottonseed, grainy oil plant seeds, sesame, and sunflower as well as corn germ for their oil. Most of these raw materials produce high quality edible oil. This machine can be either manual or automatic. The machine is made up of a feeder, a gearbox, a pressing chamber and an oil receiver. Automatic machines have electric motors. A pressing chamber is the major part of the machine because this is where the pressing of the seeds happens. It houses the pressing cage and a screw shaft that rotates in order to squeeze the raw material for its oil.

Screw Oil PressWhen you are looking to buy a screw oil press, find a machine made of high quality material like steel because it is wear resistant and easy to clean. Also, it is important to find a machine whose pressing chamber has been properly designed to increase the pressure inside. This will ensure improved oil extraction efficiency. The machine should also be able to handle a wide range of applications. It should be ideal for pressing various kinds of seeds like peanut, sesame, soybean and flax seed.

A good oil press machine should have high oil yields and the oil left in the cake should be as little as possible. It is also important to buy a machine that occupies less space. These qualities will ensure you need a low investment for your business. If you are buying an automatic oil press, make sure it is equipped with a device to automatically control the temperature and the filtering of oil. The advantages of an automatic screw oil press over a manual one is that it is more efficient and saves on labor costs.

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Oil filtration Machine for Oil Mill

Oil filtration machine is used for the purification of insulating fluids. This machine is largely used in power station or any other factories that requires occasional insulation oil processing. The machine works depending with the voltage power pressure that its engine can handle.
oil filtration machineThere are different brands of this kind of machine. All are set to do the same filtering work but are manufactured by different companies. One of the companies that manufacture this machine is  Fowler Westrup Company. Their machine delivers a higher performance and is made of material that makes it durable. It is made of good shedding water mechanism and is able to lessen additives. Their machines also have less frothing inclination. The con of their machinery is that it uses a very expensive artificial base oil to be able to accommodate higher temperatures and pressure.

Another manufacturer of an Oil filtration machine to look out for is the Liasotech Oil Machinery Manufacturer. They are known for manufacturing big machines for the big oil refineries. Their price is ok and their machine is made up of quality material with a good level of production performance. The heat they produce acts as a lubricant so no foreign substance is added in the processing stages that can alter with the quality of the final product.  Even with this, it has its setbacks. Their machines occupies large spaces and cannot be accommodated by small-scale industries also their level of maintenance to be very expensive. Their running oil gets hot quickly and this affects their engines.

Chongqing NAKIN Electromechanical Co., LTD is another leading company in the manufacturing of oil filtration machine. The company has high reputation in making machines of advanced technology and of good quality. They have developed even to overseas markets.  The machines are good but they tend to loss their firm strength after some duration of time. Their parts also suffer from corrosion and this leads to reduction of performance power.

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Varieties of oil press machines

Oil has a variety of purposes in the world today and is pressed from different types of seeds in an oil milling plant. Some of the seeds that are commonly used to make oil include corn, rape, jatropha, corn among others. At the core of oil pressing in any milling plant is the oil press machine which is capable of fulfilling varied purposes depending on its type and size as well. The machines used to press oil from the different seeds are manufactured by companies that sell them at a cost.
Oil Press Machine
Some of the most common oil press machines in the market include those used in large scale, small scale and also those referred to as automatic integrated. Oil press machines that are used for small scale purposes are available in a variety of models, power, capacities and have different net weights as well. This type of scale is used in oil milling plants that do not press large quantities of seeds.

Large scale oil press machines are found in milling plants that produce large amounts of oil from a variety of seeds. These are also available in a variety of models, sizes and power that it is able to generate while pressing seeds. The automatic integrated oil press machine is also another popular one because of its ability to work with minor supervision.  Oil milling plant owners can be able to use this oil press machine to produce quality oil for a long time.

Since oil press machines are varied in their overall output it is important for a buyer to purchase a machine that meets their needs and will be profitable in the long run. These machines can be purchased online or at the manufacturing plant where they are built so that they are used in the production of oil.

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Parts of an oil extraction machine

The production of oil is done in a number of stages which involve different types of machinery that make up an oil milling plant. These various types of machines are built using parts that may differ depending on the model or even size of the machine. Therefore, it is important to ensure that every machine used in the processing of oil has the right parts to ensure that the quality of output is maintained and the machine lasts much longer.

oil extracting machineAn oil extraction machine is one of the important types of equipment that is used within an oil milling plant. Therefore, it is important for it to be maintained and its parts given proper service or replaced when necessary to ensure that it works well at all time. Oil extraction machinery parts are varied but some of them are found in almost all types of oil milling plants. Some of the common types of oil machinery parts include lock nuts, chambers, screw shafts, cake rings, big umbrellas, gear boxes, umbrellas and rings among others. These oil extraction machinery parts are very important because they support the basic as well as major functions of the oil milling plant resulting in successful extraction of oil on a regular basis.

To ensure that oil extraction machinery continues to be of use for many years while giving quality output, it is important to maintain its parts well. Oil extraction machinery parts that need to be cleaned or oiled should be done so on a regular basis. Also, if a machinery part needs to be replaced because it is damaged or faulty, the replacement should be done as soon as it is found out to avoid damaging the whole machine which in turn will incur much more expenses for the plant owner.

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