How to be Successful with the Solvent Extraction Process

Solvent extraction is a technique in which materials are processed through the removal of solvents to separate components in those materials. Generally it is used in liquid materials but can be used for gases and solids. Solvent extraction is common in the oil refining process. For example, when petroleum is processed, there are still impurities in it so solvents are added to the petroleum and then extracted from it. The result is cleaner and efficient petroleum that can be sold and used.

Solvent ExtractionChoosing The Right Solvents

In order to have a successful solvent extraction process, the right solvents must be used. A good solvent has to be able to eliminate at least one compound in the oil and it should also be irreversible because reversible solvents can return the old compounds back to the oil. The solvent should be free of harmful toxins.

Jobs That Involve Solvent Extraction Process

Chemists often work on projects that involve solvent extract and the same is true of chemistry college students who do experiments in the laboratory. This is why it is important for those who are involved in solvent extraction to take safety procedures so they will not harm their bodies. Those who work for perfume manufacturers may also use the solvent extraction process.


Solvent extraction process is essential in the oil refinery business and in other industries that are centered around chemicals. It is sometimes difficult to understand if you are not into scientific topics and if you need a simple understanding of it, you can purchase books that offer understandable information.

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oil mill machinery

How the Oil Mill Machinery Works
If you are looking for a way to extract and produce oil as a business owner, you would benefit from KMEC’s oil mill machinery because this machinery allows you to process the oil of vegetables, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, almonds and coconuts on a large scale. This company’s machinery is easy to set up and use, and it is also safe to use. This machinery makes solvent extraction easy and you can complete the oil refining and extraction process in an efficient manner.

oil mill machineryOil Pressing
KMEC’s oil mill machinery also includes oil pressing and on the company’s website you will find oil pressing tips. They mentioned that in order to effectively press the oil, the temperature must be between 60 and 70 degrees so the proteins will not break down in the oil and to ensure that the cold pressing is done right. In hot pressing of the oil, the temperature needs to be above 111 degrees.

Benefits of Oil Mill Machinery
One benefit of the oil mill machinery is that there will be less residual oil after you process or refine the oil. There is also a reduced chance of dangerous accidents while working with the oil and you will be able to process several tons of oil per day, which ensures a quicker delivery for the client.

oil mill machinery2Oil Refining Plant
Another aspect of KMEC’s oil mill machinery is the oil refining plant. KMEC gives you the option of two types of refining plants. The batch oil plant is designed for low levels of oil extraction and production while the continuous refining plant is for larger batches of oil. In conclusion, KMEC oil mill machinery offers an excellent way of producing and extracting oils.

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Oil Mill Expeller

Oil Mill Expeller
Oil mill expeller is a machine used to extract oil from various seeds. This includes palm kernel, sunflower, castor seeds, linseed, cottonseed, groundnuts, mustard seeds, soya, cocoa, cashew nuts, macadamia nut and corn germ, among other seeds that produce oil. The seeds are put into a chamber that is installed into the expeller. Pressure and friction is used on the seeds through the screw. There are tiny holes on the chamber where oil leaks through preventing any solid material from mixing with the oil. The by-products come out from the other end of the expeller inform of oil cakes. The machine is very easy to use and it saves a lot of time for the user. It is easy to clean and maintain oil mill expeller because wear and tear is minimal.
This machine produces pure and natural oil that is healthy for consumption. The oil extracted is high quantity because the machine uses power to remove every bit of oil in the seeds. The oil mill expeller consumes very little engine oil to complete the whole process. This is a machine that anyone can learn to use in a day. In this way, oil mill expeller is very beneficial to farmers who wish to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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Palm Kernel Oil Press

Palm kernel oil press is very important in getting good oil. It produces high quantity and great quality oil in a very simple process. The design is simple but capable of working and generating pure and natural palm kernel oil. The palm kernel oil press is designed with a feeder, gearbox, pressing chamber, screw channel and a machine stand thus ensuring a fully operational expeller. The palm kernel seeds are pushed into the screw channel where they are crushed under high pressure to produce the oil. The pure oil passes through small holes and the residue is left behind. The area where the oil is separated from the residue is the pressing worm and the pressing ring.
Palm kernel oil press
Palm kernel oil press can be large enough to hold high quantity of palm kernel seeds. The presser used in factories has a steam cooker and oil press for effective output. Here, the steam cooker works by pretreating the palm kernel in preparation for the pressing. Cold pressing is where the whole process takes place under low temperatures of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This kind of oil is purely natural and retains all the nutrients.  It is this quality that ensures that the machine is very important in generating healthy oil for use.

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Preparation of seeds for oil press

After learning how to use an oil press, it is very important for you to know how to prepare the seeds for oil pressing. Seed oil press will only be successful if you prepare the seeds well in order for you to finally, have your vegetable oil. The process of cleaning seeds actually varies depending on the type of seeds you are using. Generally, there are only two steps involved in cleaning of seeds and you will find them to be quite simple once you learn how to do it.

Preparation of seeds for oil press

First, take off the hulls or seed coats from the seed. The hulls should not be thrown away because the hull of some seeds could be very useful. Take for instance the hulls for sunflower and soy are used as an additive to animal feed. Secondly, separate the seeds from chaff. Several methods are used for this process. The two steps can be carried out using some devices and there is a wide range of technologies for the above.


Seeds to be used in seed oil press process need to meet certain conditions. The most important thing that is compulsory is for the seeds to be thoroughly clean. This is because the process of getting oil from the seeds uses machines, which are prone to damage in case they come into contact with dirt. Some people think that it is only stones and large particles of dirt that can damage the machines but any type of dirt or sediment can cause damage to.


Besides, the seeds should be separated from chaff totally, so that the process of oil absorption goes on smoothly. The seeds to be used must be dry to prevent the machinery from clogging. Besides, use of moist seeds will lead to decrease in yields of oil. The seeds used have to be warm if you want to get the right amount of oil from them. The actual temperatures required should be between 100 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


It is possible to achieve this temperature using various means. You can use an oven, double boiler, or solar collector to warm small amount of seeds. On the other hand, for large amounts of seeds, use a heated hopper. It is important to note that all of the above conditions must be met in order for you to get the right yield of oil for a given amount of seeds.


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Oil Press Screw

Oil press screw is very crucial in the oil extraction process. The seeds are placed in the pressing chamber through the hopper before the process begins. Here, the spiral turn works by squeezing the seeds. The chamber gets into high pressure and the screw squeezes the seeds to generate oil. There are bars around the screw or the commonly known, worm shaft which squeezes the seeds. The screw has tiny gaps in between and oil passes through these holes. Pressure forces the slow moving screw to crush the seeds as the force is applied on the bars moving forward to the exit plug. The plug is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the pressure required on the seeds.
Oil Press Screw
Heat is produced as pressure builds within the screw bars. The heat may be regulated to low temperatures to ensure the oil produced is pure and full of nutrients. This is because heat on the oil will burn out some nutrients from the oil. The screw oil press has a simple design which is easy and safe to operate. It is made with quality carbon steel and cannot wear or tear easily. It is able to work in any kind of temperature and pressure effectively.

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Hand Operated Mini Oil Expeller

Hand operated mini oil expeller is very beneficial especially for home use. Many different types of seeds can be used in the expeller to produce oil that can be used at home. The seed expeller is capable of crushing edible as well as non-edible seeds. This machine is cheap to acquire because it goes at a very low price. This is an opportunity to get pure oil and healthy oil in a short time. Today, edible oil is becoming very necessary because living healthy is becoming an important part of life. In this way, people are taking the time to plant groundnuts, cotton seeds, mustard seeds, sunflower, linseed, soya and palm nuts among others. These are crushed with the expeller at a very cost effective technique. The residue is easily used to feed cattle or poultry and sometimes it can act as manure at home.
Hand Operated Mini Oil Expeller
The oil expeller is durable and maintenance is very simple since it does not undergo any serious wear and tear. The seed chamber is deep enough to accommodate a sizeable amount of seeds to be crushed. The chamber can be regulated to crush small seeds in the best method possible. This is a great machine to use at home to ensure clean health oil without any chemicals.

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Unique features of an oil press machine biodiesel-operated

Before one can examine some of the unique features of an oil press machine biodiesel type, they ought to somehow have a very basic impression of what a prototype for such machines look like. Irrespective of the machines transmission, using biodiesel or crude oil diesel, one can hardly fail to notice the hypodermic look of a typical modern day oil press.

oil press machine biodiesel-operated

oil press machine biodiesel-operated

The dynamics and mechanics of an oil press machine greatly depend upon their designs to achieve precision and efficiency. What this citing seeks to point across is; any distinctive feature found in an oil press machine has a very important role regardless of what material and shape it has been made. In the current global market, I have personally come across various versions of an oil press machine biodiesel ran, but I cannot dismiss the fact that every modification found in different versions have a very lesser role to play. Speed and power are but some of the distinctive features offered by various oil presses. These two aspects greatly influence the turnover thus factoring in cost-effectiveness of an oil press machine. The materials used to make such oil presses, I can say, are of high quality thereby giving a lasting touch to them. The capabilities offered, that is, in terms of what these features can do are just many. They never seize to amaze anyone.

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Reaping from an oil press machine cheap operational and maintenance costs?

It is the ambition of every businessman to maximize their returns and limit their expenditure. This is not only the most valuable golden rule written in the entrepreneurs’ hearts, but also a long term principle towards the realization of reaping bountifully from an oil press machine cheapoperational and maintenance costs.

oil press machine cheap

oil press machine cheap

What one has to really focus on is the projected outcome from the invested resources. Limiting costs is just but the most important way to the achievement of high returns. One may however, wonder how this is attainable. I’ll highlight a few ways which are aimed at maximizing income generated by oil press machines. The efficiency of the machine greatly influences its economies; this may be the first reason why most oil press machines manufacturers seek to create efficient products. In another perspective, if one aims at scoring optimum yields from an oil press machine cheap operational and maintenance costs are the leeway. Current market trends have forecast beneficial returns for investors who limit their operational costs; I wonder why not take on this opportunity? Well, the returns realized in adoption of this system are something worth taking into account. The basic entrepreneurial principles and skills learnt in school are applicable in any business venture – this justifies what the stakeholders in the oil press business are implementing in form of strategic business policies and vertical growth techniques.

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Getting a lot out of home oil press machine?

There are a couple of ways in which one may actually maximize their outputs from their home oil press machine. This may be considered an unattainable feat, especially, for unprepared minds however, this article aims at dispelling this fact.The workings of a typical home oil press machine should come in play before one decides to boost their performance. The kinds of uses vary from domestic to commercial for such oil presses therefore, since we are dealing with a domestic one it may be wise to enlist examples of products one may extract from them.

home oil press machine

home oil press machine

Examples of oil extracted from home-based foods are corn oil, soya bean oil, sunflower oil and vegetable oils. For each type of oil extraction there is a specification. This means that proper instructions should be strictly followed in order to fully harness the potential of a domestic oil extractor with regards to different food types. Frequent maintenance and effective cleaning procedures must be employed on these machines after each session they are used, so as to ensure they are always in proper working condition. What most people usually overlook or rather ignore is the instruction manuals that accompany the oil press machines. This is a very delimiting habit as the machine will be rendered inefficient before its life span ends due to poor maintenance practices.

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