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How to be Successful with the Solvent Extraction Process

Solvent extraction is a technique in which materials are processed through the removal of solvents to separate components in those materials. Generally it is used in liquid materials but can be used for gases and solids. Solvent extraction is common … Continue reading

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oil mill machinery

How the Oil Mill Machinery Works If you are looking for a way to extract and produce oil as a business owner, you would benefit from KMEC’s oil mill machinery because this machinery allows you to process the oil of … Continue reading

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Oil Mill Expeller

Oil mill expeller is a machine used to extract oil from various seeds. This includes palm kernel, sunflower, castor seeds, linseed, cottonseed, groundnuts, mustard seeds, soya, cocoa, cashew nuts, macadamia nut and corn germ, among other seeds that produce oil. … Continue reading

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Palm Kernel Oil Press

Palm kernel oil press is very important in getting good oil. It produces high quantity and great quality oil in a very simple process. The design is simple but capable of working and generating pure and natural palm kernel oil. … Continue reading

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Preparation of seeds for oil press

After learning how to use an oil press, it is very important for you to know how to prepare the seeds for oil pressing. Seed oil press will only be successful if you prepare the seeds well in order for … Continue reading

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Oil Press Screw

Oil press screw is very crucial in the oil extraction process. The seeds are placed in the pressing chamber through the hopper before the process begins. Here, the spiral turn works by squeezing the seeds. The chamber gets into high … Continue reading

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Hand Operated Mini Oil Expeller

Hand operated mini oil expeller is very beneficial especially for home use. Many different types of seeds can be used in the expeller to produce oil that can be used at home. The seed expeller is capable of crushing edible … Continue reading

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Unique features of an oil press machine biodiesel-operated

Before one can examine some of the unique features of an oil press machine biodiesel type, they ought to somehow have a very basic impression of what a prototype for such machines look like. Irrespective of the machines transmission, using … Continue reading

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Reaping from an oil press machine cheap operational and maintenance costs?

It is the ambition of every businessman to maximize their returns and limit their expenditure. This is not only the most valuable golden rule written in the entrepreneurs’ hearts, but also a long term principle towards the realization of reaping … Continue reading

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Getting a lot out of home oil press machine?

There are a couple of ways in which one may actually maximize their outputs from their home oil press machine. This may be considered an unattainable feat, especially, for unprepared minds however, this article aims at dispelling this fact.The workings … Continue reading

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