How to Get Essential Oils Using Oil Press Machines

You can make any oil at home with oil press machines. This is a good option because the oils we buy in stores have additives and flavors that could be harmful to our health. Besides, homemade oil is more nutritious and sweet because it is freshly pressed. Most machines can only press oils from seeds that have high oil content.
It is important to wash the seeds before pressing them so you can get rid of dirt and dust. Wipe them with a paper towel after this and then dry them in the sun, oven or a food dehydrator. Seeds that have high moisture content are very hard to press and the oil may be cloudy.
Clean the oil press machine thoroughly before using it to get rid of dust and elements that may contaminate the oil. You should also make sure the machine can handle the amount of seeds you are planning to press without breaking down. The machines come in different sizes and some can handle only small scale processing.

For processing, feed the seeds into the funnel for processing, and then turn the machine on. It will take time for the oil to collect, but eventually a cake will appear in the container. Add more seeds into the funnel until the oil fill the container and then switch off the machine. Leave the oil to cool down so the remnants cans settle down and then collect it. Oil press machines are used for commercial as well as residential use.

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